Would you hear what I would speak? Then seek within. Would you feel my Presence near? Seek within. Would you see and know the light? Would you find and hold the Path? Then seek within. Would you climb to greater heights? Kinder, truer, more courageous, poised, compassionate, nobler be? Would you learn and admit your faults and make them good by better living? Then seek within, I say. Mark and evidence you would have that I am with and near you, that I walk and talk with you. And you would have others know it too, for you would have them know you worthy. Again and yet again I say: Then see within. Only so can you know me.
Only so can you reach me. Only so can you reach others, prove and make plain to them that you and I are one, know one another, as they and I may also know and be, if they too seek within.